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Your Perfect Training - How you benefit from the courses we deliver

We look closely at what our customers really value from their training provider.  Then we work hard to tick all the boxes. Over many years we’ve built up the advantages of our own staff, our own equipment and our own training centre so you get the benefits that make Astley your perfect training partner.

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Stobart Transport and Distribution choose Astley Hire for MEWP (IPAF) Training

The advantages combine to make Astley Hire Training the first choice for large companies as well as smaller contractors and sole traders.

"The course content is excellent, the Instructor has a very good knowledge base of this course. He delivered the content well taking into account the various personnel attending. The delivery method used was easily understood and he explained each topic well, ensuring we were all aware of the H&S responsibilities with this type of equipment. All questions raised were well answered, showing the depth of the instructor's knowledge.

On the practical training, again excellent delivery and supervision during this part of the course. Over the 2 days all attendees enjoyed the course, if you could pass on my thanks again to Craig, our instructor.

When I need any further training I would not hesitate in using Astley Hire." - Mick Elebert, Project Manager, Stobart Training Academy.

Feedback from End Systems Ltd.

"All feedback received from our engineers have stated that the training was very well covered and enjoyable to the  point that some of our engineers have stated its been the best training they have received by far."    

Alan Garratt, End Systems Limited

What Astley Hire Training does differently

Flexibility to arrange the training when you need it.

We don’t rely on external instructors, hiring in equipment or booking time at someone else’s training centre. We keep it in-house so we can arrange the training to suit you

Reliability so the training happens when you’ve booked it.

As we don’t have to rely on external individuals or companies there’s less chance of anything going wrong.  With three instructors we can cover our promises, the equipment will be on-site and on-time because it’s ours and the training centre won’t get double booked.   We can keep to our minimum number of candidates promise; we won’t cancel because we haven’t filled the course.

Quality Training, worth more than just a form filling exercise

Good training should deliver added benefits, we always aim to help trainees work more effectively and efficiently whilst keeping safe.  Our Instructors have been at the sharp end of the industry for many years so they know what it’s like in the “real world”. Just few tips on safer and productive working can be worth the cost of the course on it’s own.

Best practice, leading by example

Often safety is about being in control.  What happens is the operator isn’t up to scratch, the machine isn’t properly maintained or the site isn’t suitable.  We demonstrate best practice for higher levels of safety by making sure we are in total control of these important factors.

A Good Price

You can always find someone cheaper but we are sure you won’t get better value.  When you book with Astley you are getting Flexibility, Reliability, Quality, Best practice as well as a competitive price.

We can deliver all this because we keep it all in house to deliver your perfect training

IPAF and PASMA Training room

Reasons to Book your Cherry Picker Course with Astley Hire Training