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PASMA Course, PASMA Training Course for Scaffold Towers, Low Level Access

PASMA tower training ManchesterScaffold tower training is for anyone who uses mobile scaffold towers.

After completing our Towers for Users PASMA Training Course or Low Level Access Equipment course the PASMA card is the ticket issued to prove competence on Scaffold Towers or Low Level equipment. It can also prove you've been trained to manage mobile Access Towers or have been trained about the implications of the Work at Height regulations.

With our own instructors, our own equipment and accredited training centre you can get the right PASMA course right when you need it.

Our PASMA Approved Training Center, just outside Manchester in the heart of the North West, is a great location for all your PASMA Training.

Access Equipment covered by PASMA Training Courses and Qualifications

PASMA Access Equipment training is divided in to 2 categories:

Mobile Access Tower PASMA Training

PASMA Towers for Users Training Course (for Mobile Access Towers)

Access Towers are commonly called Scaffold Towers. They are assembled from prefabricated components to make to make a tower from which operatives can work. The Training is for all types and of Scaffold Towers including Ladder towers and Advance Guard Rail Towers. Well know manufacturers include Alto, Boss & Eurotowers, PASMA training covers these brands and all other makes.

PASMA Training Low level Access Equipment such as a podium stepPASMA Low Level Access Training Course (for podium steps etc.)

This equipment provides a platform to work from that is 2.5m high or less. The type of equipment covered by this training are commonly called Podium Steps or Platforms.


PASMA  Training Photocard PASMA PhotoCards are issued to successful trainees, this will detail the equipment categories that the holder has been qualified to use. A PASMA card is often referred to as a Scaffold Tower Ticket.

Read more about PASMA and the PASMA card or Licence / Ticket.

PASMA Training | PASMA Course Price / Cost | Dates for Training | On-Site Training

PASMA Training COST - For the current course cost / price you need to get in touch. We some times publish special offer prices and deals on the Special Offers Page, most courses are POA so we can work out the best possible and most competitive price for your particular requirements.

PASMA Training Course DATES - Training Courses are run on many days every week. You can join a pre-booked date or book your preferred course & date. View the Training Calendar for more details.

On-Site Training - All the PASMA courses can be conducted at your site or location.

Contact us - The training team is waiting to make your training process run smoothly from first enquiry to delivery on the day. Full contact details are hereor the freephone number above will get you to our switchboard. To avoid the automated system call the training team direct.

PASMA TRAINING for Scaffold Towers and Access Platforms

PASMA Towers for Users logo stamp

Scaffold Tower Training course for a PASMA Towers for users PhotoCard (ticket)

1 day course (maximum 12 trainees, minimum 4 per course).

The Standard PASMA Towers for Users Training Course is for personnel who will be responsible for the assembly, dismantling, alteration, moving and inspecting of mobile access towers. The course only covers sectional, prefabricated scaffold towers. Course content & requirements

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PASMA Low level Access platform training course

Low Level Access Training Course for a PASMA PhotoCard (ticket)

1/2 day course (maximum 12 trainees, minimum 4 per course).

The PASMA Low Level Access course is for personnel who work from and will be responsible for the assembly, dismantling, moving and inspecting of Low Level access units under 2.5m high. The training course only covers sectional, or prefabricated equipment such as platforms and podiums. Course content & requirements

Call: 01942 263457 text: 07825 271055 or email: training@astleyhire.co.ukfor enquiries, current prices & booking | back to top

PASMA Towers for Users logo stampPASMA Low level Access platform training course

PASMA Combined courses for an PASMA PhotoCard / ticket covering Scaffold Towers and Low Level Access units

1 day course (maximum 8 trainees, minimum 4 per course).

The PASMA Combined Access Tower and Low Level Access Training course is for personnel who work from and will be responsible for the assembly, dismantling, moving, inspection or working from this type of equipment. The training course covers sectional / prefabricated scaffold towers and the smaller platforms and podiums. Course content & requirements

Call: 01942 263457 text: 07825 271055 or email: training@astleyhire.co.ukfor Combined course enquires, current prices & booking | back to top

Work at Height Training

PASMA Work at Height Essentials Training Course

1/2 day course (maximum 12 trainees, minimum 4 per course).

The PASMA Work at Height training course is for personnel who are involved with any form of work at height. The training course covers the essential knowledge required for individuals to comply with their duties and responsibilities under the Work at Height Regulations. Other training courses and combined courses are available that cover the details relating to specific equipment. Course content & requirements

Call: 01942 263457 text: 07825 271055 or email: training@astleyhire.co.ukfor PASMA Work at Height (essentials) enquiries, current prices & booking | back to top

PASMA Training Courses nr. Manchester, Liverpool, Bolton - North West Location

PASMA Training Centre: Astley Hire, Lloyd Court, Jury Street, Leigh, Lancashire. WN7 5RX nr. Manchester.

For your satnav directions: postcode WN7 5RX.


PASMA Training 20 mins easy drive from Warrington, Lymm, Stretford, Trafford Park, Eccles, Salford, Prestwich, St Helens and Skelmersdale.

30 minutes to Scaffold Tower PASMA Training from Sale, Altringham, Cheadle, Stockport, Central Manchester, Prestwich, Middelton, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury and Widnes.

You can get the Work at Height PASMA training just an easy 40 minute (or less) drive from: Burnley, Blackburn, Preston, Southport, Crosby, Bootle, Liverpool, Birkenhead, Northwich, Alderly Edge, Wilmslow, Ashton-under-Lyne, Hyde and Glossop.

Our Training is well worth an hours drive (or under) from Chester, Mold, Wrexham, Nantwich, Crewe, Stoke-on Trent, Congleton, Macclesfield, Buxton, Glossop, Huddersfield, Halifax, Bradford, Leeds, Wakefield, Blackpool and Fleetwood.

Known as one of the highest quality PASMA approved training providers this side of the Pennines, we have customers travelling to us from all across the North West of England and from North Wales.

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PASMA Training Course Contents & Requirements

PASMA Tower Training Course Contents:

1. About the Law, Regulations and Guidance relating to working at height with access towers in particular

2. Code of Practice issued by PASMA to improve standards within the industry

3. European Standard EN1004:2004 for this type of equipment

4. Using Scaffold Towers including assembling , altering and dismantling of towers.

5. Fall protection, best practice

6. Completed assembled tower inspection.

7. Tower Inspection Records, how to complete them

8. What hazards can affect mobile access towers when in use and how to avoid any problems.

PASMA Low Level Course Contents:

1. About current laws, regulations and published guidance relating to working at height with low level access units.

2. The Code of Practice developed by PASMA.

3. Specifications affecting the use and selection of Low level access equipment.

4. The use of low level units including assembling , altering and dismantling.

5. What is the current best practice for fall protection.

6. Check and Inspecting of low level units before use.

7. Filling in Inspection Records

8. What hazards can affect the use of low level access units and what can be done to avoid them.

Trainee Requirements for PASMA Tower and Low Level Training

Using any type of access equipment including scaffold tower and low level units safely does involve being able to read a write. All access equipment will be supplied with written safety instructions that will in part be specific to that manufactures models. So basic literacy skills and language comprehension are important. This doesn't mean trainees need to have passed an English exam or test of any sort but the necessary level of skills in this respect will be tested by course. If a trainee has difficulty with reading and/or writing, the instructor should be informed so he can make sure the trainee is given a fair opportunity to demonstrate his/her knowledge.

Working with scaffold towers and low level access equipment will be physically demanding. Although the techniques for assembly, use and dismantling taught by the course will be the easiest, safe ways of doing things they do require the trainee to be in good general health and reasonably physically fit and able. Some of the problems that may be an issue include, heart conditions, blood pressure, impaired function of limbs, balance difficulties, fear of heights, vertigo, psychiatric illness and drug or alcohol use..

When trainees do have problems with their suitability or capability to use this type of equipment they must notify their employer. This does not necessarily prevent them them from using access equipment but may require that the employer conducts an assessment and puts in to place adequate measures to safely compensate for any difficulties encountered. If you have any concerns or queries please contact the Astley Hire Training department before booking.

Clothing and PPE:
1. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Protective Footwear, Suitable head protection and gloves for the practical sessions.
2. Clothing needs be suitable for both the Theory and Practical parts of the course, the practical sessions will most likely take place outside.

PASMA Work at Height Essentials Course Content and Trainee Requirements

Work at Height Course Contents:

1. About the Legislation in force and Regulations that apply

2. Guidance relating to working at height and practical applications

Trainee Requirements:

No qualifications or experience are required for this course.

The course will be conducted in English and trainees must have reasonable language comprehension and literacy skills. This is to ensure that the trainee can comprehend important instructions in the course of their work.

If there are problems for any trainee with language or literacy, they should inform their employer who can then assess the problem and put in place measures and procedures to mitigate any difficulties. Please call the Astley Hire Training Department before booking to ensure we will be able to carry out effective training where difficulties may exist.

Hire Scaffold Tower or Hire a Platform or Podium Step

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After completing your PASMA training you will understand the importance of well maintained, top specification equipment. Our Access Hire division has achieved SafeHire status meaning we always work to the highest professional standards. We pride ourselves in being a reliable supplier of a wide range of top quality Scaffold Towers and Access Equipment.

Hire Scaffold Tower and Access Equipment

For details of the full range of Scaffold Towers and Access Equipment please visit our Access Hire division. Assuring you of highest standards of safety and service Astley Hire is also a member of the Hire Association and is accredited as a SafeHire scheme member, ISO 9001 and a member of CHAS.

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